Why You Shouldn’t DIY Electrical Work

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Electrical wiring is one of those tricky things that may appear easy at first but later become complicated. Of course, there are projects you can safely do at home, like replacing light switches or changing light bulbs. However, for advanced jobs like upgrading current electrical wiring, it’s best to call the professionals.

As one of the leading companies for electrical repairs in Alberta, we at Quick Way Electrical (1999) Ltd have heard our fair share of DIY horror stories. This is why we have written down points informing you about why you shouldn’t DIY electrical work.

Safety hazard
The greatest danger of amateur electrical work is electrocution. The amount of electricity it takes to run your home and business is more powerful than you realize. Worst case scenario, a simple short-circuit can lead to a fire. It can also end up with fines or inability to sell your home if the installation doesn’t meet Canadian Electrical Code standards.

Do-overs are expensive
If a job is done right from start to finish, there is a chance you could save some money. However, if your project results in a room without power, crossed wires, or other physical signs of electrical problems, you’ll need to call an electrician for help. Instead of purchasing devices with the wrong ratings or the wrong design, you can just get a professional to install the correct device the first time so as to avoid paying extra money.

Do things right - Hire a professional
Without any experience, your DIY attempt could lead to installing the wrong device, loose connections (causing arcing/sparking), incorrect connections (potentially causing short circuits and maybe even a fire), electrocution, or shock. These problems may not be immediately detectable, and homeowners may not understand the risks involved. Furthermore, your DIY project could use unapproved strategies or materials if you’re not familiar with the code. This could result in penalization or an order to reverse the work you’ve completed.

Working with a licensed electrician that has an Alberta Journeyman Certificate guarantees that all electrical repairs are in direct agreement with the code. As per the Apprenticeship and Industry Training Act, only licensed electricians are allowed to work on the systems outlined herehttps://www.qp.alberta.ca/documents/regs/2000_274.pdf.

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