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Keep Up to Date with These Articles from Quick Electrical & Security

At Quick Way Electrical & Security, we believe in keeping the public informed. Take a look at some of our blog articles and get first-hand information from electricians and security professionals. Whether you’re looking for an alarm system for your office or are making installation choices at home, we hope you find something useful here.

  • Security systems in Medicine Hat Alberta
    14/11/2018 0 Comments
    Advances in Technology Have Made Security Systems Effective and Affordable!

    The world has grown increasingly uncertain as crime rates go up in populated and rural areas. At Quick-Way Electrical and Security, we believe that everyone deserves to feel safe. This is why we have worked hard to offer a wide range of security products at affordable prices for residential and commercial properties. 

    Technology has taken off over the last decade, and this has made HD cameras and alarm systems more effective. Equipment that used to be bulky and intrusive is now streamlined. Some products even allow you to monitor your home or office remotely using a wireless connection. No more worrying that you might have left the backdoor unlocked or that someone could break a window and gain access to the property. The key is finding the right system for your needs.

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  • 17/08/2018 0 Comments
    What Parts of My Home are Possible to Automate?

    The Future of Home Automation

    It seems like we’ve been promised home automation at least since we watched episodes of The Jetsons. Well, it might finally be possible, right in your Medicine Hat home.

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  • 17/08/2018 0 Comments
    The Right Fit: How to Choose the Right Electrician

    Even in the simplest building, the electrical system that powers your appliances and lights is complex to say the least. You put a lot of trust on the person you hire to install and repair or replace parts of that system. That’s why, when you’re trying to find the right electrician for you in Medicine Hat, you should always be sure to ask a few questions beforehand (rather than simply picking a name out of a hat).

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  • 17/08/2018 0 Comments
    Discourage burglars with your Medicine Hat Security System

    Protect Your Property! Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Installing a Security System in Medicine Hat

    Today’s security systems are more than just burglar alarms and security cameras. They are fully integrated systems that protect your business, family home, or other property from a wide range of threats.

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  • 17/08/2018 0 Comments
    How to Choose the Right Fire Alarm System for Your Office

    A high-quality fire alarm, when properly installed by an industrial or commercial electrician, is an essential part of all fire alarm systems. If you want your business in Medicine Hat to be protected, it’s in your best interest to get the right fire alarm system for your office.

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